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Generative AI — The Ultimate Mashup


In the marketing world, a lot is being written about the pluses — and minuses — of generative AI.

"Efficiency!" cry its champions. "Speed to market!" "Vast quantities of content!"

"Bias and misinformation!" warn its detractors. "The end of creative thought!" "Vast quantities of copywriter unemployment!"

Yes, Gen AI can create fairly good content in mere seconds. But, we think the ultimate use case — AI's silver bullet, if you will — is something else entirely.

And something entirely entertaining.

AI is absolutely expert at composing mashups.

If you were one of the estimated 44.6 million viewers who tuned in to Glee between 2009 and 2015, you already know what a "mashup" is. Whether it was the Troubletones covering Adele's "Rumour Has It" and "Someone Like You," or New Directions' Journey combo of "Anyway You Want It" and "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'," or the unlikely duo of Matthew Morrison and Gwyneth Paltrow blending movie classic "Singin' n the Rain" with Beyonce's contemporary "Umbrella," mashups gave fans a reason to look at an old (or at least existing) song in a new way.

Well, if you've been looking for a way to test-drive apps like ChatGPT and Bard, try requesting a mashup. Ask for ad copy for your product or service as written by William Shakespeare. Or a blog post penned by Jane Austen. Set your features and benefits to lyrics evocative of The Beatles.

Or, follow our lead and marry your favorite streaming program to the world's most prolific nineteenth century author ...

It was the best of coaches, it was the worst of coaches. He came from across the pond, a foreigner in a land where football was a religion. And yet, with his wit, his charm, and his boundless optimism, he won over the hearts of even the most skeptical fans.

His name was Ted Lasso, and he was a man of contradictions. On the one hand, he seemed to have a naivete about him, a lack of experience that should have made him easy prey for the ruthless world of professional sports. And yet, on the other hand, he possessed a shrewdness, a cunning that belied his country charm.

He was a man of immense kindness, always willing to lend an ear or offer a word of encouragement. And yet, he was also a man of fierce determination, never backing down from a challenge or shirking from hard work.

As he took the field, the fans cheered his name, a name that had become synonymous with hope and possibility. For Ted Lasso was not just a coach, he was a symbol of all that was good and decent in this world, a beacon of light in the darkness that threatened to consume us all.

And though he may have been a stranger in a strange land, he had made it his own, and in doing so, had won the hearts of all who knew him. For he was Ted Lasso, and he was the very embodiment of hope.


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