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Go Green (Green Marketing That Is)


Green marketing is a type of marketing that promotes the environmental consciousness and sustainability of a product, brand, or company.

For example, you might highlight the recycled materials that make up your product’s packaging, or the way the company donates a portion of proceeds to charities that are helping the environment. It’s all about your ability to advertise the environmental friendliness of both the business and the products it offers.

In previous blogs – such as To Make Good, You Have to Do Good – we talk about how today’s consumers want to support brands and products doing “good.” This could be companies that are outspoken on social issues, minority owned businesses, and, you guessed it, environmentally sustainable companies. Green marketing is a great way to make your audience aware that your brand and products are environmentally friendly.

It’s no longer a hope that the companies you are interacting with are committed to corporate responsibility, it’s an expectation. And because consumers have the ability to “do their own research” (not on Facebook, Karen …), companies cannot hide their true colors. Consumers hold them accountable and will boycott if they are not supporting the right causes.

Showing a commitment to corporate responsibility, while pricey, has a big payoff. Brands are noticing that by demonstrating an interest in social, political, and environmental issues, they are attracting new customers and are increasing loyalty among their current customers. In fact, 48% of American consumers say they would be likely to change consumption habits in order to reduce environmental consequences. Furthermore, up to 90% of millennials state they are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

So, while the initial cost of going green can be expensive, it has a large reward when done (and advertised) well.

Well, what can you do about it? To start, check if your company is actually practicing environmentally sustainability. If it is, great! Show that off so your consumers, clients, and shareholders are all aware of the fact. A growing number of companies are now putting out social impact statements on a regular basis to show their commitment to these important issues, and also show the progress they are making on their goals. It is one thing to say “as a company, we want to lower our carbon footprint.” It’s quite another thing to publish a progress report on that goal.

Consider three goals for your green marketing campaign:

1. Practice sustainable business practices on a company-wide scale

2. Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility as a corporation

And of course…

3. Highlight the environmental benefits of your product, brand and/or company

Kermit may have bemoaned “It’s not that easy being green,” but it’s a lot less difficult when being green has a positive — and green — effect on your bottom line.

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