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In Defense of Direct Mail


With today’s ever-increasing dependency on digital media, it’s safe to assume the days of direct mail marketing are over, right?


Direct mail is still a relevant and invaluable marketing strategy.

Ok, we know what you’re thinking, this blog post was written by B Direct Marketing Communications, of course they want me to believe that direct marketing is alive. And well — yes, that’s true — but, it actually is!

Direct mail is not an outdated marketing tactic. In fact, it is still just as effective as it was decades ago — maybe even more so because people get less postal mail now.

Homeowners, businesspeople, and other recipients are both influenced and affected by the mail they receive, whether that be promotions, offers, or discounts. Direct mail still works, and here’s why:

  • Direct mail is personal – receiving something in the mail that is specifically addressed to you is more personal than a generic email. After all, direct mail equals direct.

  • It easily reaches both households and individuals — direct mail is versatile, using demographics allows you to narrow down your audience to a specific person while also having the option to keep your search far and wide and reach many different groups of people at one time.

  • The mail is physical and tangible — direct mail is a form of physical marketing. Recipients are able to hold it and physically interact with it, not just digitally interact. This makes the medium both memorable and sincere.

  • Your audience will appreciate the extra time and effort — people are likely to take notice when receiving a creative direct mail piece. It’s easier to capture their attention with a physical piece and your audience will notice and appreciate if you went the extra mile in the creative design process. (Make your mailings impressive!)

  • It’s classy — receiving offers in the mail feels more formal than receiving them digitally.

  • It’s a great way to build trust — many are skeptical of offers received online; those that come in the mail are deemed more trustworthy and less suspicious.

And lastly,

  • There is no “spam folder” for direct mail. That’s right! Your mailings won’t be immediately thrown away by a robotic algorithm you have no say over. (It’s important to note that your prospects can still throw away your mailings, but they have to make a conscious choice to do so, which still has them interacting with your piece, even if briefly.)

Direct mail is a tool that should be considered for all marketing projects — and for all audiences. For instance, direct mail can have great success generationally. Baby Boomers are comfortable receiving mail and their purchasing behavior can definitely be influenced by the mail they receive. But at the same time, for younger generations that are far more skilled with technology, such as Millennials and Gen Z, direct mail still holds great power. They’re less familiar with receiving physical, hard copy mail, so this becomes like a novelty to them. Direct mail is effective for all audiences, at all levels.

So, take it from the Bs. If you’re looking for integrated direct marketing solutions that resonate with your audience ... it’s time to be direct.

(Or "B" Direct. Get it?)

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