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Its Time For Holiday-Spirit Marketing


The holiday season is nearing, and some people have very specific ideas of when the appropriate time is to start celebrating and decorating. Let’s take Christmas for example, as it is the same day each year on December 25th.

Some people think that the Christmas season is not allowed to launch until December 1st (the Bs follow this principle; check out today’s date). Others believe it starts as soon as your Thanksgiving meal has been consumed. Still others — including most modern-day  retailers — insist that Christmas can start before Thanksgiving.

Whichever of these descriptors sound like you, it cannot be denied that the Christmas season is upon us. But marketers are different; the holiday season for marketers can start as early as October. In fact, the earlier you can start working on your holiday campaigns, the better.

As far as consumers go, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the holiday noise and traffic goes on for weeks — or months — on end.

Here are a half dozen tips to make sure your holiday marketing campaigns pop during this season and don’t get lost amongst all the Christmas-Chaos.

  1. Promote Connections
    This can be as simple as depicting a family reuniting with loved ones, to more complex connections such as partnering your brand or organization with a charity.

  2. Bring on the Emotions
    The holiday season churns up all kinds of feelings. Tap into that and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

  3. Prioritize the Customer Experience
    Holidays are stressful for lots of people;, do what you can to alleviate some of that stress. A great example for doing so is to have a …

  4. Strong Online Presence
    A lot of (maybe even most) shopping these days is done online. So, make sure your website is up for the task and is easy to navigate for all users.

  5. Offer Rewards
    Some people think it’s selfish to buy themselves something during the holiday season. even if they really want to. When you offer a reward incentive, they can satisfy their own desires for something new (guilt-free) while shopping for a loved one.

  6. And Lastly, Don’t Forget to be Festive!
    This is the time of year for holiday themed colors and sparkle. Get into the spirit and encourage your customers to make their gift buying purchases from you.

From all of us at B Direct, we wish you and yours a great marketing season, and an even better holiday season with your family and loved ones.

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