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For the past week, the weather hasn't exactly been amenable to hot tubbing. (Can anyone say, "Climate change?") BUT, that didn't stop a retailer called Mainly Tubs from reaching out with a large, colorful, and very well-executed, overall, postcard.

The art side of the 6" x 9" card has a full-bleed photo of a happy couple soaking in their state-of-the-art hot tub (complete with fountain jets and lots of other bells and whistles). At the top of the card, the sender is noted along with a tag that reads "Hot Tubs • Swim Spas • Saunas." A smaller line beneath advises us that the company is 100% employee owned. This information is a bit hard to read as it's printed over the photo in low-contrast blues and greens. A three-line headline below is reversed out to white and more legible.

"With amazing massage, worry-free water care, and industry-leading energy efficiency, you'll emerge feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally."

The message is good, believable, and compelling. However, it would be more powerful if it was reversed. No one wakes up and says, "I wish I had amazing massage and worry-free water care ..." But, many of us (the Bs included) would like to feel better mentally, physically and emotionally." It's a matter of putting benefits before features — always a good idea.

"You'll feel better mentally, physical and emotionally with amazing massage, worry-free water care and industry leading energy efficiency."

See what we mean?

On the mail side, the sender wisely uses the "hot spot" above the address and indicia for the offer. Designed to mimic a coupon, it reads "$2,000 Ultimate Relaxation Package Upgrade FREE." Other relevant info is included, like offer details and expiration date. And, the call-to-action is directive and specific: "Present this postcard to receive ..."

Other messaging is brief and scannable. They include contact info, and in addition to the address, they've inserted a picture of the retail store and the helpful hint that it's located next to Dick's Sporting Goods, a familiar retailer that has been there longer.

Except for that minor wordsmithing on the art side, the postcard is clean, atttractive, and works hard with smart elements that should drive sales.

The Bs give the campaign a thumbs-up.

Now, if only it were hot tub weather ...

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