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Bigger is usually better. In fact, there's a saying in direct marketing: "If you can't make it big, make it red."

But sometimes, bigger isn't better.

Take this neat little package from nonprofit "Best Friends," for example. In a mailbox filled with standard letters, standard credit card and utility bills, and standard catalogs, anything that isn't "standard" is going to stand out.

The envelope's 4" x 6" size not only stands out, it feels somehow more personal and intimate. The teaser on the front "Did you receive your 2023 calendar? Let us know!" reinforces the feeling that these folks know us. And the stamp, rather than an indicia, completes the effect.

Inside, the main piece is folded like a greeting card with a picture of a cute dog in an autumnal setting. Open it and we find a personalized letter that talks about the calendar (the one we should have already received), how important our gift is, and — listed conveniently in at-a-glance bulleted copy — how that gift will be used: for adoption and foster programs, transport programs and shelter support programs.

And finally, a personalized response card and envelope make it easy to pledge a gift of preset or custom amounts.

Many nonprofits send out appreciation gifts (address labels, notepads, or, like in this case, calendars). This follow-up mailing is a great way to extend the life of those campaigns. You can easily imagine the thought process: "Yes, I received the calendar. No, I didn't send a donation. Now, I feel guilty and need to do something about it."

The Bs at B Direct give this little package a big thumbs-up.

Btw, Best Friends is a terrific organization and one that we contributed to in honor of Betty White on her 100th birthday. You can learn more about them here:

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