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At B Direct, we're big fans of the USPS — as long-time champions of direct mail, how could we be otherwise?

Well, it's that time of year again. Only 34 mailing days 'till Christmas. And, if you think you're busy, just imagine what the workdays going to be like for our trusted letter carriers between now and December 25th. In just the week before Christmas, the USPS delivers 2.5 billion (that's billion with a B) pieces of first-class mail.

Ho ho ho, indeed.

So, to make the most of their busiest season (or to make things a bit more convenient for the rest of us), the  USPS has sent out a trim little self-mailer, which arrived at the agency over the weekend.

The address panel includes the familiar USPS eagle logo, a presort marketing indicia, two certifications for recycling and "paper from responsible sources," as well as a teaser: "Get holiday ready with USPS. See inside."

The cover or art side of the piece includes an image of a USPS truck on a residential road. The headline reads:

"From Snowflake, AZ, to Rudolph, WI, we're delivering everything you need to get holiday ready."

Clever use of two real-life towns (populations 4,460 and 423, respectively), but the second half of the headline is printed in red across a busy background. The word "ready" practically disappears.

The copy inside is easier to read as the USS encourages us to "Shop, ship and more this holiday with USPS." Suggestions, like "Ship from home ..." and "Add holiday stamps ..."  are couple with related photography. We're urged to "Send on time," and there's a handy list of USPS holiday deadlines. Each section is accompanied by a QR code, adding digital interactivity to the piece. And, the fine print is appropriately fine, in blue ink and spanning the width of the two-panel spread.

Except for the unfortunate headline on the cover, the piece is efficient, attractive, and does just what it needs to.

We're in a holiday mood here, so the Bs at B Direct give it a thumbs-up.

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