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The KISS principle (not to be confused with Gene, Ace, Paul, and Peter) is credited to Kelly Johnson, lead engineer at Lockheed Skunk Works. An acronym for "Keep It Simple, Stupid," it embraces the idea that less can be more, and that designers (and by extension, marketers) should avoid unnecessary complication.

Of course, sometimes we need to get complicated. A common question we've heard for years is "How long should body copy be?" Our un-disingenuous reply: "As long as it needs to be to sell whatever you're selling." We've seen four-page letters outpull two-page letters, long emails out pull short ones. AND, we've seen the opposite happen too.

This might be a good time to suggest testing.

Anyway, we recently received a postcard that takes the KISS principle to heart. It's short, sweet, and to the point. It didn't waste our time and we appreciated it. The oversized full-color card came from Instacart Business, and its the very model of modern brevity.

On the address side, in less than 30 words, we're encouraged to "Get supplies & snacks delivered in as fast as 1 hour." The limited-time offer is spelled out: Unlimited free delivery and 2% credit back. Instacart Business's logo is displayed prominently, along with recognizable logos from retailers, including BJ's and Staples. And, there's a QR code and URL front and center.

The art side shows an image of two people, one delivering and one receiving we assume, with a bag of staplers. The offer is again spelled out (with just a bit more detail). And, the call-to-action urges us to "Sign up now to redeem your offer."

And. That's. All.

The campaign does make some assumptions, primarily that the recipient is aware of Instacart from its consumer activities. But, it's big, bold, quick, and offer-driven. It probably won't win any creative awards, but we're betting that it's getting a good response.

Thumbs up from the Bs. More would be too much.

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