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Marketing from A to Generation Z


Gen Z is made up of people ages 10-25. You may be thinking, “This young group isn’t worth marketing to.”

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Gen Z is an influential, diverse, disruptive, and opinionated generation. Gen Z actually makes up 40% of total US consumers. Not only that, but Gen Z’s spending power is more than $140 billion!

It’s a market you do not want to exclude.

Speaking of exclusion, because Gen Z is so diverse, they are one of the most, if not the most, inclusive generation of all time and — because of this — they will not tolerate exclusion from companies. They will be quick to “cancel” you and your brand if you’re caught in the act.

Gen Z has high standards for those they chose to do business with. This is in part to knowing and understanding that they have a plethora of choices when it comes to what or who they give their money to. A recurring them from a many times over referenced B Direct blog, To Make Good, You Have to Do Good, is a well-known and practiced ideology for Gen Z consumers.

Younger buyers want to support companies that align with their political beliefs, are LGBTQIA+ friendly, or environmentally sustainable, just to name a few deciding factors. And because of this, because Gen Z is so picky about who they will and will not do business with, they will control the market.

And Gen Z has more influence than you might think.

Let’s look at an example.

The Queen B is a Baby Boomer, a group targeted by many marketers thanks to its collectively high disposable income. However, the Queen B is also the proud parent of a Gen Z daughter. Said daughter holds more power over what her mother purchases — and, more importantly, from which brands her mother purchases — than you might imagine.

As a member of Gen Z, she’s acutely aware of whether companies protect or pollute the environment. Whether they commit trademark infringement. Whether they underpay or exploit their workers. Whether they’re committed to sustainable manufacturing. And she, like her peers is vocal about it, whether that’s via social media channels like TikTok, or in one-to-ones with her mother.

Once a brand has lost their trust, Gen Zers are hard to win back — they don’t forgive easily. Many are quick to write off the brand for good, and they’ll use their influence to make sure others do too.

The lesson to be learned here? Get Gen Z on your side.

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