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Reputation Matters


Well-known companies and brands are … well … well known. And while it’s nice to be known well within your industry, or within your regional location, there is another aspect that must be looked into.

What are you well known for? Is it a good thing? Or a bad thing?

That’s right. Reputation matters. Make sure your well-known company is well-known for the right reasons.

It should be pretty obvious, right? Companies with a stronger, more positive reputation perform better. They attract not only more customers and consumers, but also better shareholders and employees. A strong reputation builds loyalty and trust.

Recent research performed by Axios and The Harris Poll looked into brands with the best (and worst) reputations according to American consumers. To conduct this study, researchers first determined the 100 brands that are most recognizable to Americans via surveys among a nationally representative sample of Americans. Then, another nationally representative sample of Americans rated these 100 brands on various aspects of reputation. From these ratings, each of the 100 brands were given a final “reputation score” which ranged from 1 (critically bad) to 100 (excellent). Here are the findings:

The Top 10 Brands:

1. Trader Joe's
2. HEB Grocery
3. Patagonia
4. The Hershey Company
5. Wegmans
6. Samsung
7. Toyota Motor Company
8. Amazon
9. Honda Motor Company
10. Sony

The Bottom 10 Brands

90. My Pillow
91. Uber
92. Wells Fargo & Company
93. Sears Holdings Corporation
94. TikTok
95. Spirit Airlines
96. Fox Corporation
97. Facebook
98. Twitter
100. The Trump Organization

Remember, interacting with these large, well-known companies can either help or hurt your smaller, less-known company. Choose wisely.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” — Benjamin Franklin

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