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Using GenAI as a Thought Starter


At B Direct, we've helped market brands across myriad industries — from universities to canine DNA testing, medical centers to women's apparel, military think tanks to nationwide cineplexes, and non-profits to mega-banks. But, our sweet spot for the past 20 (!) years has been B2B high tech.

Often, we're asked to develop concepts to reach C-suite executives. In the past, we've sent radio-controlled cars, Magic 8 balls, autographed business books, puzzles, calendars, cereal boxes, model planes, and Twinkies. We've also "bribed" recipients with VIP sweepstakes, free passes to major industry events, Godiva chocolates, and a year's worth of concert tickets.

With another assignment looming, we decided to test-drive the web's friendliest GenAI app, ChatGPT. We asked it to suggest ways to reach a CEO with direct mail. And, since we firmly believe that every workday should be fun as well as productive, we asked it to respond to us in words that were smart and funny.

Here's what we got ...

Unleashing the B2B Mailbox Magic: Crafting Offers That Make CEOs Swoon

In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, where the battlefield is the inbox and the weapons are words, crafting direct mail offers that catch the attention of CEOs and decision-makers can be a daunting quest. But fear not, intrepid marketers, for we're about to unveil the secret recipe for offers that not only get opened but make those corporate titans chuckle with glee.

1. The "Unicorn-Sighting" Discount: Ah, the mythical unicorn – as elusive as a reasonable office printer and as magical as a glitch-free software update. Promising a discount so rare it's like capturing a unicorn on camera, this offer tickles the fancy of the budget-conscious CEO. After all, who can resist a deal that's as legendary as the coffee stain on their favorite tie?

2. The "Office Hero Starter Pack" Bundle: Nothing brings joy to a CEO like the thought of being the office hero. Create a bundle that includes your product or service along with a shiny cape (metaphorical, but a real cape wouldn't hurt), and watch as they imagine themselves swooping in to save the day. Add a note saying, "Because even CEOs need a hero moment." Cue the imaginary drumroll.

3. The "Coffee Crisis" Solution: In a world where coffee runs out faster than patience in a traffic jam, presenting your product as the savior of their morning routine is pure gold. Picture this: "Tired of coffee shortages derailing your day? Our solution is as dependable as your need for that caffeine kick." Bonus points if your direct mail arrives with a sachet of premium coffee – after all, survival instincts are universal.

4. The "Crystal Ball" Consultation: Play the psychic card with a "Crystal Ball" offer. Offer a free consultation where you unveil insights about their business's future, along with a cheeky disclaimer that your psychic abilities are still in beta testing. It's all in good fun – who wouldn't want a glimpse into the future, especially when it comes with a dose of humor?

5. The "Milestone Matchmaker" Service: CEOs love milestones, just like they love vintage leather chairs that exude importance. Craft an offer that promises to match your product's value to their company's milestones. "Every time you hit a milestone, our service raises a glass in celebration – virtually, of course." It's like clinking champagne flutes with your business goals.

6. The "Lunch Break Lifesaver" Delight: Present your offer as the ultimate lunch break escape. A snazzy direct mail package that arrives with a message like, "Give your sandwich a side of innovation" speaks to their need for nourishment – both for the body and the business. Bonus if you can figure out how to include a tiny hammock for their sandwich.

7. The "SWAT Team" Support Assurance: Assure them that your support team is as agile as a SWAT team but significantly friendlier. Throw in a branded stress ball for those moments when their inner peace is under siege. Add a tagline: "Because even CEOs need a sidekick."

8. The "ROI Rockstar" Trophy: Every CEO's heart skips a beat at the mention of ROI. Craft a mini trophy with "ROI Rockstar" engraved on it and a note saying, "You've aced profits; let us ace your solutions." It's like giving them a gold star but with a dash of business bravado.

In the world of B2B direct mail, creativity isn't just a bonus – it's a survival strategy. Your offers should stand out like a penguin at a flamingo convention, and your humor should land like a well-timed punchline. CEOs and decision-makers are humans too, and they appreciate the quirkiness that breaks the monotony of the corporate routine.

So, go forth, bold marketers! Craft offers that make CEOs laugh and contemplate, offers that earn their attention and respect. Remember, in the realm of B2B direct mail, it's not just about sealing the deal; it's about forging connections, one witty offer at a time.

Hate to admit it, but ... we aren't unimpressed.



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