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Integrated Media Marketing: Yes or No?

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew exactly where your prospective customers were at any given time? If you could send out a single message via a single medium and know they would receive it? Sorry. Prospects and customers engage with multiple channels. A lot. Estimates vary, but the average consumer is exposed to between 5,000 and 10,000 marketing mes...

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Postcards: More than Pretty Pictures

​"Back to School," summer savings, a teenager in the house. All of these things mean that the Queen B gets more than her share of promotional postcards from retailers. Brands like Macy's, Nordstrom, American Eagle Outfitters ... and that's just the three we bothered to scan for this post. Online retail sales may be booming, but major stores st...

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Email Marketing: The Long and Short of It

As B Direct goes into its 15th year, there's always something new to learn. But, there are also questions we hear from clients over and over (and over and over). One of these is: How long should an email be?Here's the obvious (and slightly obnoxious) answer: As long as it needs to be.Of course, we know that people are busy, lazy, easily distracted....

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The Unsinkable Iceberg Theory

Developing a successful direct marketing campaign is a little like an iceberg. You know … A mythic disaster. Elegant dinner parties. A sweeping but ill-fated love story. Leo and Kate standing in the bow of the ship. Celine Dion singing "My heart will go on." Actually, we're not talking about that iceberg. We're talking about the metaphor iceberg, a...

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Yes Virginia, Mail (Still) has Merits

Whenever a new advertising or marketing communications vehicle emerges, we hear the same old song … "TV's here. Radio is dead." "The Internet's here. TV is dead." "Email's here. Direct mail is dead." If we've learned anything, it's that people have quite a large capacity for consuming a variety of different messages across a variety of different me...

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If Marketing isn’t “Direct,” Why Bother?

There's more to direct than … well ... direct. At B Direct, we're proud of our direct marketing heritage. But, too often people assume we're a direct mail agency. We are. But, there's more to us than direct mail.  Just like there's more to direct marketing.Direct marketing is media agnostic. Any advertising medium can be direct if it follows o...

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